Daily photos are for people, mine - for dreamers.

Photo shoots I offer

Different occasions, one constant - beauty
  • Personalized photo shoot - $400
    Location, clothes, make up - all it visually tells about you. So let's choose it together! Let me tell your story through my image! 2 hours of camera fun)) and 30 edited images
  • Family photo shoot - $500
    It's NOT a time when you need to stand steel with no move and try to imitate happy smile to the camera) No! It's family's fun. I allow run, eat and fool around - do everything to feel happy together. Of course in beautiful light and carefully handpicked clothes)))
  • Reporting photo session - $150/hour
    I love watching people! Companies playing paintball, kindergarten groups of children having fun on playground, birthday parties, lectures, conferences... People are so true when they are passionate about something!
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Working with a model (or group of people) is always a cooperation, it's about listening to each other, finding new ideas and best solutions together. So, this is how we will work:
  • 1
    Firstly we will define a main goal of our photo shoot: what is it about? for whom we are doing it? what feelings will the viewer have?
  • 2
    mood board
    I will create the mood board including examples of the location, the hair style, the make up style, the mood of the photo shoot and the poses.
  • 3
    We will discuss the mood board and realize what you will dress. You can make a photos of your clothes (on you or lying on a bed) and together we will decide what will better match the mood of our photo session.
  • 4
    I will create the route of our photo shoot on the location, according to which we will work effectively.
  • 5
    30 edited images
    After a photo session you will receive 30 edited images. Your part of the work will not consist the long way of choosing the images from all raw archive, only satisfactioning of a ready photos.
Metaphors give people more than only an image of someone. They have an idea, an expression, a path inside, a story you'll never forget.

Be my inspiration
Giving the happiness to others - I create happiness to myself.
I'm here to show that the miracles are possible to the world.
The process of creation creates me too.

Fearless manager

You can participate in art creation. Be a hero. You deserve to make people admire you.

This is a story about a manager who has no fear on the way to his new contracts.

Commercial project. Created for Dialogue Diagnostics company as a encouragement for the sales manager's first 10 fast like no other signed contracts. We took into consideration that he is a fan of noir comics, so we've chosen the mood that matches it. We've made a location check in old abandoned factory - so I understood: "This is it!" We took a cape and a hat in cinema studio's wardrobe.

What if your family photo shoot will looks as a cinema?

First of all it's beautiful!

Secondly I'm creating for kids a lots of games for the shoot, so they don't ought to posture specially. Truly emotions in frame - done!

messengers: +14384065150
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
My clients
Come back to companies is like a come back to familiar family. But in this case the family is bit bigger
  • Lviv Business School of Ukraine Catholic University
  • Iryna Khomyakova make up school
  • Diagnostic equipment from the world leaders
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